What’s in my Uni Bag

The new university term is starting in the next few weeks and since I always like being prepared for things, my university bag is already packed. I’ve seen a couple of these posts circulating recently and thought it would be fun to join in and post one too, so here it is!

I have always preferred using backpacks throughout my education so naturally I picked one out for this year. This one from ‘New Look’ only cost £19.99, which I thought was a steal especially since it’s such good quality and the perfect size for everything I’ll need for uni.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I love being organised! That’s why I will always have a planner or calendar on hand. While I love using ‘Google Calendar’ on my phone, I find that I really benefit from having a physical planner that I can write in and plan my week. This one is from WHSmith and cost £9.99.

I also love having my pens organised in a pencil case- this way I can keep track of how many I have and don’t find it as easy to lose them (which means I don’t have to keep buying more). I’ll also keep sticky notes and my USB stick in it. This cute Hello Kitty pencil case was a gift from a friend in Japan.

Headphones are a must if you have to walk to your lectures, or if you enjoy listening to music while studying. When I’m studying I tend to listen to Japanese music (if I’m studying Japanese) or the ‘Jazz Vibes’ playlist on ‘Spotify’. At the minute I’m using Apple headphones. The case came with a pair of headphones I used to own.

Even though it’s easier to just carry a laptop or tablet with you, I find that my brain retains more information when I write it down on paper. So I opt for a notebook during lectures. I tend to use ‘Pukka Pad’ notebooks because the paper is such high quality and the pages can be torn easily from the notebook and used separately.

For loose pages and any other important documents, I will always keep a folder in my bag. I bought this one from ‘TESCO’ a few years ago, and though they won’t have this exact design they always have nice designs in stock.

My parents recently bought me these cute Revision cards from ‘TESCO’ and I’ve been using them for Japanese Revision- they’re perfect for it! I really recommend using Revision cards for language study. These toucan ones were on sale for 95p.

Though I do prefer using paper to take notes, sometimes it’s a lot quicker to use a laptop to type. Especially if you’re writing a lot. I tend to write pretty quickly anyway, but when I fancy a break I’ll opt for my laptop.

I always keep a ‘hygiene bag’ in my backpack, they come in handy a lot more times than you might think. In mine I keep a hairbrush, hair bobbles, body spray, hand sanitiser, handy wipes, plasters and painkillers. This little bag from ‘Benefit’ is the perfect size- it’s small enough to fit in my backpack and big enough for everything I mentioned above.


I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosy inside my university backpack! Let me know your university backpack essentials by commenting on this post, or messaging me on Instagram.

Happy studying, Chelsea x

Published by studiousleigh

My name is Chelsea Leigh and I am currently studying BA Honours English at University. I am also studying Japanese as an extra module (and just for fun). I created ‘Studious Leigh’ as a place to share my study tips and experience with studying and university life with you, so I hope you will find this blog helpful. Remember to also follow me on Instagram (@studiousleigh) and like my page on Facebook (Studious Leigh). Happy studying, Chelsea Leigh xo

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