3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Student Accommodation Feel Like Home

Moving in to Student Accommodation for the first time can be pretty daunting and you might be wondering how you can make your room feel more homely. Student flats tend to be very plain and boring, but see this as an opportunity to get creative and add your own spin on the room.

Plants, plants, plants…

Plants are fantastic decorations for any room. They look great and will oxygenate the room (especially Aloe Vera which oxygenates at night, helping you sleep). As well as Aloe Vera, I recommend cacti since they require very little attention which is fantastic if you’re busy with lectures all day. Just don’t neglect them completely!

IKEA is a fantastic place to buy plants since they’re cheap and they have a lot to choose from.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Another great way to decorate your room is with pictures of your loved ones! Most student rooms will come with a cork board of some sort for you to display your pictures, but if your room doesn’t come with one you can buy one for yourself or pick up some cheap frames from ‘The Range’. That’s where I get mine from because they are cheap and come with a plastic cover rather than glass, so don’t break easily if dropped.

Pictures are great for homesickness, but if you feel too homesick try giving your loved ones a call. Oh and don’t forget to bring pictures of your pets too!

Cheap but still cute…

For student accommodation I don’t recommend bringing too much stuff. You’ll struggle taking it to your flat, bringing it home, and you’re more than likely going to acquire more things in the year you spend in accommodation. So, keep it simple! Don’t over do it, but if you do want to buy some cute decorations it’s always best to seek out the bargains. Try Primark, Home Bargains or the sale section of New Look homeware- they often have some steals there! (Thank me later!) If you have decorations in your room at home, that you aren’t super protective over, bring those rather than buying new. That way you’ll save money and will have items from home to make you feel more comfortable in the new space.

This adorable wooden bunny was from Home Bargains and cost just under £4. It lights up too!

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can decorate your student accommodation to make it feel more like home! If you would like to know where anything featured in this post is from, or how much it cost, please comment below or send me a DM on instagram- https://instagram.com/studiousleigh

Good luck with your new home, and happy studying! Chelsea xo

Published by studiousleigh

My name is Chelsea Leigh and I am currently studying BA Honours English at University. I am also studying Japanese as an extra module (and just for fun). I created ‘Studious Leigh’ as a place to share my study tips and experience with studying and university life with you, so I hope you will find this blog helpful. Remember to also follow me on Instagram (@studiousleigh) and like my page on Facebook (Studious Leigh). Happy studying, Chelsea Leigh xo

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