Studio Flat Tour

I recently moved in to my new studio flat, ready for the second year of uni to start, and I wanted to share a tour with you since it’s such a beautiful space. I feel so happy and settled here- basically the exact opposite of how I felt last year moving in to student accommodation…

So far, I’ve almost spent a week here and the best thing is the fact that it’s so tidy! My flat mates were great, but they weren’t exactly the cleanest of people so it’s nice to be able to keep the space clean. It’s also pretty quiet here, and is close to the uni campus (which will be super convenient, especially when it rains).

I think that this flat is pretty unique because it has it’s own hallway. It’s a really good size and has the potential to fit quite a few things in it. At the moment it’s home to my shoe rack and laundry basket, yet still feels quite roomy. The flat also came with a big wardrobe, which makes me feel like I need to buy more clothes to fill it… I added the mirror, because I love trying different outfits on so a small mirror won’t cut it for me.

At the end of the hallway is the door to the bathroom (well shower room), which is much bigger than the bathroom I had at the student accommodation last year. This time I also have a shower head in the shower instead of a hole in the wall lol.

Next to the bathroom is the kitchen area. I’m super happy with this kitchen since it’s the perfect size and has enough storage space for everything I need. I also enjoy having an electric stove- it makes me feel fancy. (The kitchen came with the microwave but I had to purchase the toaster and kettle.)

On the other side of the kitchen is the bedroom. I really love this space, it’s super cosy and even though the flat is open plan it still feels separate and private. It also has some nice big windows which let in so much light- perfect for taking Instagram pics! Check out my Instagram here:

The flat came with minimal bedroom furniture and storage (the bed and the desk were provided) so I had to buy myself a bookcase, bedside table and set of drawers.

For anybody who is curious, here’s a list of the items that I mentioned I purchased separately and how much they cost.

  • Shoe Rack- JYSK £15
  • Laundry Basket- Primark £4
  • Hanging Mirror- JYSK £10
  • Toaster- Currys/ PC World £14.99
  • Kettle- Currys/ PC World £12.99
  • Bookcase- IKEA £15
  • Bedside Table- JYSK £20
  • Set of 3 Drawers- IKEA £30

If there’s anything I’ve not mentioned and you’d like to know the price of it, please comment on this post or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll be happy to let you know.

Thanks for reading! I’m trying to be more consistent with posting and have a lot of ideas for upcoming posts so please stay tuned.

Happy studying! Chelsea xo

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My name is Chelsea Leigh and I am currently studying BA Honours English at University. I am also studying Japanese as an extra module (and just for fun). I created ‘Studious Leigh’ as a place to share my study tips and experience with studying and university life with you, so I hope you will find this blog helpful. Remember to also follow me on Instagram (@studiousleigh) and like my page on Facebook (Studious Leigh). Happy studying, Chelsea Leigh xo

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