What Fresher’s Week is Really Like

Looking back on my first year of uni is quite surreal- it went by so fast and, as cliche as it is, I feel like I’ve changed as a person. Move in day was probably one of the hardest experiences, but I survived to see the other end and eventually it did look up. Yet, for the first few months uni wasn’t all that easy…

Let’s Talk about Freshers

Everyone knows that Freshers is supposed to be one crazy week where you go out every single night, meet a whole bunch of people and experience a lot of new things (and you’re not really supposed to remember much of it, right?) Well, my Freshers’ week wasn’t quite like this. In fact I didn’t drink any alcohol at all, because at the time alcohol clashed badly with my anxious feelings towards uni… Thinking about it, in a way I do regret not making the most of Freshers, but at the time I just wasn’t up for it or mentally ready for it- I was still in shock over moving out- so going out wasn’t a big priority of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I did attempt to get out but each time was a failure.

Before going to uni I purchased a Freshers’ ticket and naturally wanted to get my money’s worth, so on the second day I got dressed up ready to go out with my flatmates. Personally, I’m not big on pre-drinks. I prefer going out early and staying out for as long as possible- I’m more into the dancing and socialising aspect of a night out than the drinking. However, my flatmates wanted to pre-drink and unfortunately one flatmate in particular drank a little bit too much and an ambulance was called… It’s safe to say that night out was a failure… (But don’t worry he was totally fine.)

The second attempt at a night out was with two friends. We tried to get into one of the Freshers venues but the queue was ridiculous and we ended up jumping over the barriers to get out of the mass of people pushing their way into the venue. We ended up in a bar and had a good night- but I’d still wasted my money on a Freshers’ ticket that I ended up not using.

In terms of the uni activities that were put on during Freshers’ week, I don’t remember attending any. I’m pretty sad that I missed out on the Freebies fair and getting free pizza… But I will definitely make sure to go to the one this September! Instead of going to any of the set activities, I spent my time tidying my room so it felt more homely, and meeting up with the friends I’d met on a group chat before coming to uni. I did enjoy this, but I wish that I’d spent more time being more active at the uni and joining in with the activities that they put on for the Freshers. That being said, during that week I met one of my best friends- we’d been chatting on the group chat before coming to uni and decided to meet up since we were on the same course. We had lunch at a nearby pub although we didn’t eat much, eating was really difficult in the first few weeks at uni, and spent the day getting to know each other and the other people in the group chat which was really nice.

For anybody who is scared about moving to uni, try joining group chats before you move in and go out and enjoy the activities the uni puts on during Freshers week. Meeting people on group chats before coming to uni is a really easy way to meet like-minded people, and people on your course/ in your flat- it also breaks the ice before you meet in person, making it less awkward when this does happen. By taking part in the uni Freshers activities you can meet a whole bunch of people that you might not necessarily meet in your flat or on your course, and you can also get some advice from current students on how to survive life at uni.

Don’t hold your breath for a clean communal area in your flat, because it’s probably not going to happen…
Oh and be prepared to be the unsuspecting owner of a billion of these fellas before the end of the year- the green ones make dashing Christmas trees.

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