How to Fill a Pencil Case on a Student Budget

Exam Season is coming up (sorry to remind you)! One of the most important parts of exam revision is having useful stationery. You can never have enough stationery in my opinion, but it can be a little pricey at times… So I’ve created this post to show you cheap stationery that’s actually worth buying. I’ll be including prices as well to give you a clearer idea of how much filling a pencil case can cost.

The stationery that I’ll be showing you in the post are pieces that I use on a regular basis for studying, so I can vouch for their quality.


My pencil case was gifted to me by a friend in Japan 🙂

My pencil case is pretty full but, like I said previously, I do use everything in it on a regular basis when I’m studying. I recommend getting a fairly large pencil case if you study a lot, since you can fit a decent amount of stationery in it. However, try not to get something too bulky so you can fit it in your bag. Don’t forget to buy a clear pencil case too- these will come in handy for exams and can be purchased for a reasonable price in most Supermarkets.

Here’s a list of places that sell good pencil cases:

  • Amazon
  • Tesco
  • Paperchase
  • WHSmith


In my pencil case I like to have a variety of pens. My favourites to buy are ‘BiC’ black ball-point and ‘BiC’ 4 colour ball-point pen. I buy the black ballpoint pens in a pack of 10 from TESCO for £3.00 and I get the 4 colour ballpoint pens from WHSmith in a pack of 3 for £5.99. However, a cheaper alternative to the 4 colour ballpoint pens are the ‘BiC Cristal Fun Ballpoint Pens’- you can get a pack of 10 individual coloured pens for £4.99.


Pencils are perfect for drafting work, especially since you can erase what you write, so I always like to carry a couple in my pencil case just in case. To ensure that I don’t need to buy a pencil sharpener and eraser too, I buy the ‘Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils’. They come in a pack of 10 and the cheapest price I found was in Tesco- £5.00.


My favourite highlighters to buy are the ‘Stabilo Boss’ pastel 6 pack. They’re really beautiful colours and are transparent enough so you can still read the writing underneath. They also aren’t super watery so don’t smudge your writing, which is great. I bought my pack from WHSmith but I found them for £3.99 on, which is a lot cheaper than what I paid at the time.

These are my absolute favourite highlighters!

Sticky Page Markers

Page Markers are amazing. I’m pretty obsessed with them and they come in super handy if you do English- like me! I’m also a sucker for novelty ones… My favourite place to buy these from is WHSmith. They have so many cute ones, including Giraffe’s, Puppies and Polar Bears for £1.99 each- which is such a great price in my opinion.

Check out this image on my Instagram!

So far to fill a pencil case with:

  • 1 BiC Black Cristal Original ballpoint pen
  • 4 BiC Cristal Fun coloured pens
  • 1 Papermate Mechanical pencil
  • 1 Stabilo Boss pastel highlighter
  • 1 pack of WHSmith sticky page markers

Would cost £5.42.

So that’s a pencil case filled with all the essentials for less than £6.00!

Other Essentials

There are a few other things that my pencil case wouldn’t be complete without… These include:

  • A Stapler and Staples (perfect for collecting together loose papers)
  • ‘Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse’ (helpful for erasing mistakes made with pen ink)
  • A Memory Stick (a must have if you complete a lot of work on a laptop/computer)

These items are super important and really useful to aid with your studies. Here are a few online versions of these items that I came across (these items are either ones I own, or a variation).

Buy it here:
(Staples for this stapler are currently unavailable on Tesco’s website)

With the price of these (exact) items added up and included with the price of the essentials you will have filled your pencil case for £14.83.

That’s a full pencil case for less than £15 which is great if you’re on a student budget!

I hope that you’ve found this post helpful- especially with exam season coming up! Let me know if this post helped you fill your pencil case with cheap and useful stationery in the comments or send me a message on Instagram:

Happy studying!

All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

This post is NOT sponsored.

All pictures are used for reference purposes only.

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